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Monday, 29 March 2010


With the awesome news of an adult male Lesser Kestrel nr Minsmere RSPB, Suffolk, i quickly got the day of work. My day started at 03.00am, leaving my house at 03.15am and arriving at Westleton Heath at 05.58am.

The weather was murky, but calm and me with 80+ other birders gathered at the quarry to view the open heath. Light soon was on us and the day started well with Red Deer, 2 Foxes including one chasing a Rabbit and a Muntjack Deer out on the heath. As it got even lighter a Stone Curlew was spotted and gave satisfactory views for a few minutes. Then after an 1.5 hrs of waiting, the LESSER KESTREL finally showed itself. It was distant, but all the key features were obtained, but as expected the pale claws were not seen!!

News than came through of 2 ALPINE SWIFTS roosting on a building in Lowestoft. I soon arrived and soon found the building to find the Swifts snuggled up in a corner. I waited around for a while hoping they would fly but the weather didn't help and no flight was seen, for now anyway! Then the much anticipated news of the Pallid Swift was recieved on the pager, so yet again another mad rush with me and 10 or so other birders flying down the A12. Parking at the beach car park, i dashed out the car and sprinted to the sewage farm to find the PALLID SWIFT flying about. It showed very well, often flying low just above our heads at times allowing all the features to be seen.

With the weather going downhill i headed back to the Alpine Swifts and on arrival both birds were in the air flying along the promenade. They showed superbly and some good photos were taken.

On the way home i had another look at the Lesser Kestrel, but still no closer and seen in rubbish weather. What a great day. 2 UK ticks, 4 Yearticks.

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  1. Hi Matt, didn't see you there, but well done! I had no time for the Pallid, in fact I barely got the Kestrel, a very stressful day!