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Monday, 25 June 2012

Nightjar Heaven 25/6/12

My tree climbing skills came in good again this evening. I went to Wilmington Wood and had amazing views of a pair of Nightjars.

One started churring at 9.20pm, and 20 minutes later the pair were performing just out of sight, so I climbed a tree to view the whole area. Both birds were seen briefly until out of nowhere one bird perched in clear view about 20 metres away from me, where it stayed for about 10 minutes.

Then in the tree I was standing in, a Nightjar was churring at the top of it's voice. Whilst watching it at about 8 metres range, it started hovering and then hunting right in front of me before dropping down to the ground and flying off.

The pair then started displaying in view and a bit of wing clapping was also seen. The presumed female carried on returning to the same branch in full view and also did the occasional hunting.

At 10.10pm I left the site, and on the way back a Glow Worm was on the path.

A great evening.

Glow Worm in Wilmington Wood

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