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Friday, 23 November 2012

Ethiopia 22/11/12

Our last couple of hours in Ethiopia. A quick walk around the hotel grounds and some airport birding before the flight home. Totals are:

Nyanza Swift - 10
Tacazze Sunbird - 10
Montane White-Eye - 1
Ruppell's Robin-Chat - 1
Speckled Mousebird - 5
White-collared Pigeon - 15
Red-rumped Swallow - 1
Auger Buzzard - 3

No photos today as the camera was packed.

The flight home was pretty good, 6 hours to Rome seeing the River Nile below occasionally. The stop in Rome was only half hour, and we left for London Heathrow with a near empty plane. A great trip seeing all of the targeted endemics, along with some great mammals.

The total trip list was 372 birds species, including 202 lifers.

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