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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Potential Grey-headed Wagtail - Cuckmere Haven 12/6/13

This chappy was found mid afternoon along the river bank south of Exceat Bridge. Obviously very noticeable straight away with no supercilium, dark blue/grey head and pale throat with yellow strongest on the vent weakening out up to the upper breast. With these features combined, there is potential for it to be a 1st summer Grey-headed (Yellow) Wagtail.
The pale throat is very misleading though 1st summer birds can show this, see http://www.birdingworld.co.uk/CleySpring2007.htm .
On the right side of the head, close ups reveal some very disjointed white marks. The white mark nearer the base of the bill is a feature of thunbergi, with other pale marking possibly showing characteristics of Ashy-headed Wagtail, but this would stand out much more so. http://birdingfrontiers.com/2013/05/13/grey-headed-wagtail-id/ shows a female which much more white above the eye, so I would imagine a 1st summer male would show this also.
Anyway, comments welcome and i'l dig deeper for more info.

probable Grey-headed Wagtail in Cuckmere Haven

American Golden Plover still present this evening.

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  1. glad you got to the bottom of the white throat conundrum, a bit of ashy-headed influence is a possibility but could it just be partial leucism as well? I'm not sure there's enough to suggest any Ashy-headed influence, except perhaps if its a second of third gen hybrid