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Monday, 5 May 2014

Splash Point - POM DAY!!! 5/5/14

Due to working to the early hours this morning, I wasn't able to get down Splash from the start, hence I missed a fair proportion of Poms, though thankfully when I arrived at 10, there was a continuous movement and I ended with a personnel day record. Ewan and Richard also scored a county record of 130, so today really was a special one.
As much as I say it, Pomarine Skuas are simply amazing birds, especially when moving in flocks, so it is fair to say today was a highlight in my seawatching career. Blooming brilliant!!

As I arrived late, I didn't note down any numbers of other species, so a basic list from 10.15-8pm are:

Pomarine Skua - 86
Arctic Skua - 20+
Great Skua - 1
Black Tern - 1
Little Tern - 40+

Poms past Splash Point

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