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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Kilnsea/Spurn, East Yorkshire 20/9/14

After a somewhat disappointing start to the day on Seaford Head where dense fog and a stiff breeze put a dampener on finding anything right from the start, it was a huge relief when the mega alert sounded with news of a Masked Shrike at Spurn. Still only mid morning, I knew I had time and I left home at 9.45am.

The traffic up was rubbish, and after six hours, I finally arrived. Fortunately the MASKED SHRIKE was on view straight away. It was generally distant, but at times it came within 60 metres, though it was great to see it so active, regularly flying down into the field and along its favoured hedgeline. Also on site was a Great Grey Shrike, and along the lane a stunning Red-breasted Flycatcher.

This Masked Shrike was the 3rd UK record, and inevitably my 1st in the UK (including Scotland!!!), though I have seen adults in Greece and Ethiopia.

The journey home was much easier, this time a shade under five hours, arriving home at 11pm. A good start to my first of eleven days off.

juvenile Masked Shrike at Kilnsea - no prizes for this attempt!!

Great Grey Shrike at Kilnsea

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