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Thursday, 6 August 2015

West Sussex - Orchids & Brown Hairstreak 6/8/15

A trip to a site near Storrington to look for an Orchid that was originally claimed as a Narrow-lipped Helleborine last week which would be the first in Sussex for decades, unfortunately proved to be a Broad-leaved Helleborine, but a variation in this species I haven't seen before, so certainly an educating Orchid.

I must admit on seeing it for real it didn't look quite the ticket with the labellum being more rounded then what I remember from the Narrow-lipped I saw in the Chilterns a few years ago. Also both perianth segments were also more rounded then long, although it appeared more Violet like then Broad-leaved, but online experts are happy with B-l Hell. Also nearby was a single Green-flowered Helleborine which was roughly 10cm tall, so presumably these are having a poor year locally.

Afterwards a trip to the Downslink produced a single Brown Hairstreak.

This evening a short seawatch down Splash Point produced the following:

Balearic/Manx Shearwater - 1 E at 6.30pm - too distant to be sure but it felt more Balearic like.
Sandwich Tern - 1
Gannet - ca. 25

 Brown Hairstreak along Downslink north of Henfield

Broad-leaved Helleborine - so much variation in this species doesn't make things any easier

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