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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Seaford Head & Cuckmere 23/3/16

I looked out at sea for a few minutes and figured out it was a waste of time, though an incoming migrant caught my attention and revealed itself to be a Firecrest that then landed in the gardens. If that wasn't good enough, a second Firecrest flew in off and landed in the same set of gardens. I covered all of the headland with the most interest being high up where Chaffinches were heading east, though I think I caught the tail end of the movement as I hadn't realised until mid-morning, indicating how high they were.

In the afternoon I visited the Cuckmere seeing a lovely group of Spoonbills and a couple of other bits and pieces. 

Seaford Head
Firecrest - 4
Goldcrest - 7
Chaffinch - 115 E

Spoonbill - 4 
Water Rail - 1
Brent Geese - 2 on scrape
Scandinavian Rock Pipit - 2
Greenshank - 1

 Fulmar on Seaford Head

a combination of photos showing all four birds. Although all four birds were not that close to me as I was on the opposite side of the river, there was one immature and three adults/near-adults

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