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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Saturday Orchids 14/5/16

A day out with Chris and Simon showing them a number of different Orchids, mainly in Kent was very successful. It was nice to have a change from birding as well. No new Orchids for me but seeing my two favourites (Fly and Man) on the same day is always a good day. Thanks Chris and Simon for an enjoyable day. Even better, was back in time for Eurovision!!

 Lady Orchids in Denge Wood
 Lady Orchid in Denge Wood
 Man Orchid at Wye
 Fly Orchid on Yockletts Bank, Kent - searched an area new to me and managed to find a 'colony' of ca. 30 Fly Orchids together. Very impressive.
Burnt Orchid in East Sussex
Simon and Chris thoroughly enjoying photographing Burnt Orchids

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