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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Seaford Head 4/6/16

Despite working late last night, I was keen to hit the patch this morning as early June can be as good as time as any to find a goody. I arrived to a completely windless headland and felt optimistic. There were the usual suspects on offer as I walked down Hope Gap thinking anything of interest will be at the bottom. However, a distinctive song caught my attention a quarter of the way down, the very fluty song of a male Golden Oriole. Fortunately the bird sang continuously and loud allowing me to get several recordings over the few hours I listened to it. On the other hand the bird didn't show until roughly two hours after the initial find when seen in flight. It was seen a further three times (again in flight) around the Harry's Bush area before returning back to the Hope Gap. A very pleasing find after what has been a tough spring in Sussex.

Other then this excitement, very little was seen, apart from hundreds of Diamond Back Moths in the short grass and vegetation across the area which are a minor part of a mass arrival from the continent.

male Golden Oriole in Hope Gap

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