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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Trinidad & Tobago  18/3/17

Grand Riviere, Galera Point & Caroni Swamp The morning started early as it always does on the first morning of a trip. Our hotel based next to the beach gave us some mouth-dropping moments as we witnessed three Giant Leatherback Turtles coming up onto the sandy beach, digging their holes and egg laying right next to us. The first few hours was concentrated on the edge of the dense forest at Grand Rivière that provided excellent views of the Trinidad Piping-Guan. At least 12 individuals were encountered including some birds displaying. The many brightly coloured birds kept me entertained with the main highlight being a male Golden-headed Manakin, whilst two species of Antbird were also rewarding. As the morning warmed up raptors got going high above, which were soon joined by patrolling Magnificent Frigatebirds, although White Hawks were just as impressive. After breakfast we headed down south back towards Port of Spain where we arrived last night via St Lucia. The drive was rather uneventful both ways, but once at Caroni Swamp and adjacent lands, the birding got going in true style. First up was a large flock of Dickcissel that proved elusive but patience was rewarded with fine views. Next up was a 2-hour boat ride through the mangroves where countless birds were present (including Tropical Screech Owl & American Flamingo) but also a Tree Boa and a Silky Anteater, both roosting in the trees above. The finale was watching the rediculously bright Scarlet Ibis coming into their roost. A fantastic first day. 
  • Trinidad Piping Guan - 12
  • Tricoloured Heron
  • Scarlet Ibis - 500 +
  • Swallow-tailed Kite
  • White Hawk
  • Green-rumped Parrotlet 
  • Tropical Screech Owl
  • Short-tailed Nighthawk
  • Straight-billed Woodcreeper
  • Black-crested Antshrike
  • Silvered Antbird
  • White-bellied Antbird
  • Pied Water-Tyrant
  • Piratic Flycatcher
  • Golden-headed Manakin
  • Cocoa Thrush
  • Silver-beaked Tanager
  • Dickcissel
  • American Redstart - 1
  • Northern Waterthrush
  • Crested Oropendola
  • Trinidad Euphonia
  • Rufous-breasted Hermit
  • Black-throated Mango
  • Tufted Coquette
  • Guianan Trogan 
  • American Pygmy Kingfisher
This phone-scoped shot of a Trinidad Piping-Guan in the early morning gloom will have to do as I purposefully left my laptop at home, but much better photos shall be displayed when I'm back. 


  1. great pictures - what lens are you using? thanks guy

  2. I normally use a canon 7d m2 with 300 fixed. The shot above taken with iPhone so expect much better when I'm back