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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Pannel Valley & Camber 3/6/17 - Knepp Estate 28/05/17

Having worked very long days all week, I could've done with a lay in, but I was keen to visit Pannel Valley (having not been there since the Wilson's Phalarope) at least once this time of year and thought today was probably my best chance of getting there. I left home at 3am and arrived shortly before 4am. A good range of species seen but sadly no scarce Warblers were found. I was however pleased to find a drake Garganey and a purring Turtle Dove.

Totals for Pannel are:

Barn Owl - 1
Cuckoo - 2
Garganey - 1 drk
Little Ringed Plover - 2
Avocet - 4
Turtle Dove - 1

 drk Garganey at Pannel Valley
 Turtle Dove at Pannel Valley
close enough?? Reed Warbler at Combe Haven

I quickly nipped over to The Midrips where I wasn't surprised at all to find the Black-winged Stilts had departed overnight.......they always do. I started heading home at 8.30am but stopped off at Camber quickly and happily found 47 Lizard Orchids, most of which were very robust and looking good. Closer to home I checked into Combe Haven where another Cuckoo was found but little else.

Lizard Orchids at Camber

Knepp Estate - 28/5/17

Undecided on what to do last Sunday, I soon found myself at the Knepp Estate, a site I hadn't been to before and plucked upon just to wander around and see where I ended up. I eventually found an area that hosted both singing Turtle Dove and Cuckoo, plus many species of Warbler including lots of Garden Warblers.

Probably the unexpected sighting of the morning were a flock of 16 Mediterranean Gulls flying high heading west.

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  1. Nice captures! You have been quite successful in taking the closeups of these lovely birds. The bird watching activity gives you a chance to have a closer look at these beautiful creatures.