European Bee-eaters - Greece 2019

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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

West Rise Marsh 8/1/19

A call from David Campbell had me rushing over to West Rise as he had found a very nice female Ring-necked Duck. It showed well enough for the time I was present (10 minutes) and was a very welcome county tick having not gone for the long staying Weir Wood Reservoir bird way back in 2007. Hopefully the year can continue on this trend, although the last year I scored a county tick with a Duck (American Wigeon), it turned out to be the only tick of the year.

Afterwards I met a friend up near Gatwick, and so I gave myself a spare 15 minutes to find five Ring-necked Parakeets (two Ring-necked species in a day!) a few metres within the Sussex boundary...….although I promise I'm not yearlisting!

The Duck was very nicely timed as I'm off to Northern India on Thursday for a few weeks.

1w fem Ring-necked Duck
at West Rise Marsh