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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Ragget's Hill (Mid-Sussex) 7/8/19

After some prime investigative work by linking Lang's dotted distribution map to an OS map, I was able to pin point an area of mainly Beech and Oak woodland for Violet Helleborines in Mid-Sussex. The area was the complex of woodlands at Ragget's Hill (north of Ansty) and I was overjoyed to find ten spikes, six of which were very robust. Orchid hunting at its best!!

With the continued strong winds on my days off and working when its calm, August birding has been non-existent for me. The post below outlines the exciting Wader extravaganza in the Cuckmere from a few weeks back.

Violet Helleborines

Jasper enjoying his woodland stroll

Classic Beech woodland