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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Cuckmere Caspo - Self Found 16/12/12

Having been completely unaware of any Caspian Gulls in the Cuckmere earlier today, I picked up Bob initially to do a roost at Charleston Reedbed, but seeing hundreds of Gull settled just north of Exceat Bridge, we decided to look at these.

I started scanning, and 10 Gulls in I instantly found an adult CASPIAN GULL walking through the group. It stopped and unfortunately went to sleep, but every now and then raised it's head and did a few wing stretches, enabling all wing detail to be seen.

With falling light, we concentrated on just this bird, but a brief scan didn't produce any more potential candidates. There were however a couple of argentatus Herring Gulls.

Having been really pleased of finding a Caspo on the patch, and in Sussex for the first time, I was slightly gutted to find out a maximum of 3 had been seen earlier in the day, but I'l have it as a self-find for now! However looking at DC's pics, my bird does seem to have more black on the bill, so it could well be a different bird, heres hoping!!

Other features seen not in the images below were long primary projection with predominant white on P10 with a black sub-terminal band creating a clear mirror.

 note the pear-shaped head, dark eye high on the head, long pale bill with dark sub-terminal tip on lower mandible, a disjointed neck, bulging chest, and long thin legs, coloured a very pale yellow.
 this image reveals a long slanting forehead, long lores, dark eye, bulging chest and a much clearer colouration of the legs.
 the size of the bird in this image probably makes it a male, and the dark mantle is also very noticeable.
both Caspian (top centre asleep) and Argentatus Herring Gull (bottom, second from right) in this image.


  1. of the two adults earlier, one was ringed, the other showed a bit of streaking on the rear crown- can't see any of that on the last photo so this may be a different bird. if there were a few argies in the flock there must have been some turnover, there had only been a handful Herring Gulls and all argenteus earlier!

    1. Thanks Liam for that. It does appear different from DC's birds, and yours as well. There must be a lot in the county with KG finding countless Caspos in the area. See JJE's blog for a link. Il be there a few days this week to hopefully see more, so will let you know.