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Monday, 31 December 2012

Yearlist ends in Norfolk 31/12/12

The end of a fantastic year ended in Norfolk to scrape up the last few yearticks of 2012. I picked up Jake at 4.30am and headed off via Mcdonalds to Thetford. We also visited Marlingford and Cley, mainly seeing a fine selection of long distance migrants?? :-)

Golden Pheasant - 7 - inc 5 males
Woodcock - 3

Cley NWT
Richardson's Canada Goose - 1
Marsh Harrier - 2
Sacred Ibis - 1

no sign of drk American Wigeon.

I ended the year on 310 BOU. It is certainly a relief for it to be 2013 tomorrow, as I will not be listing at all, and hopefully save a bit of money in the process. Happy New Year to all!!

Sacred Ibis in Norfolk/South Africa Nov 2011

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  1. Where in Thetford did you see the Golden tried a few times at different sites and failed every time ...

    Mick ...