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Friday, 10 January 2014

Rye Bay & Scotney 10/1/14

Just about managed to arrive at Castle Water in time to see no Bitterns leave the roost. However, a couple of Marsh Harriers were floating about and some Ravens flew over. Pett was as lively as the dead body at Camber Sands. 

Carrying on from the dead body, the 4 Snow Buntings showed well, and Northpoint GP had 3 Green Sandpipers on it. 

Scotney finally played host to some wild Geese, these being White-fronts........a whole 9 of them. The Long-tailed Duck was a beauty but never stayed up for long. A brief visit to Rye afterwards produced a couple of year ticks, but nothing special. Arlington Gull roost had zero large Gulls in it. 

Snow Bunting at Camber Sands

White-fronted Geese at Scotney GP

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