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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Cuckmere Haven 12/2/14

A good walk this morning down the west side, which was where (fortunately) all the highlights were located today. The Gull flock was very impressive today, but I could only find one interesting Gull in there. Totals are:

Caspian Gull - 1 1st winter (worn individual) 10.00-10.15 then flew out to sea
White-fronted Geese - 3
Spoonbill - 1

pales edges to the medium and greater coverts and white tips to the dark-centred tertials combined with the very long dark primaries are very good indicators. Also the long slender bill, heavy streaking on the hind-neck creating a half necklace and clean white head aren't too bad either.
 lots of grey scapulars are evident in this bird

 (Caspian Gull - 2nd from left standing)
The stilt-like legs are very thin compared to the Herring Gull's shorter legs on the right of the photo.
palish underwing coverts and the clean white uppertail with an obvious thick black band to the tip are the last of the features needed. Also again clearly marked are the pale edges to the greater and medium coverts in this image.
(Caspian Gull at Cuckmere Haven this morning)

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