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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Yellow-rumped Yank - Co. Durham 11/2/14

A twitch up north today for a superb yank that has always proved an un-twitchable bird in my (short) birding career. The bird in question being a lovely 1st winter YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER that was found on the big garden birdwatch weekend. Thankfully, negotiations took place allowing many to see this little gem, including our group of six today.

I left mine at 1.30am and met Chris (the driver), Jake, Simon, Dan & Mike Booker at Bolney, and we were quickly on our way, and at 7am we arrived on site. It didn't take too long for the bird to appear on the coconut feeders, but due to the poor light my photos were shockingly bad. Good scope views were had however, and after an hour and a half in the cold and increasingly damp conditions, we left for home. On the M1 there were very heavy snow showers, but conditions improved allowing a quick journey home.

We arrived back at Bolney around 2pm, so with plenty of the afternoon left I went and saw the Swallow at Newick.

 Yellow-rumped Warbler (just) at High Shincliffe, Co. Durham

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