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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Ashdown Forest 19/6/14

As I was on standby today, I thought I would half my journey to Gatwick by positioning myself at Gills Lap. The Short-toed Eagle appeared at 3.35 and was still hunting the valley at 5.30. Yet again really good views of this majestic raptor. Can't beat watching quality birds whilst getting paid.

Totals are:
Short-toed Eagle - 1
Hobby - 2
Red Kite - 3
Buzzard - 2
Sand Martin - 2!! (early returners??)
Crossbill - 2


  1. Matt, do you post your sightings on Birdtrack or SOS ? Reason I'm asking is I write some species accounts for the Sussex Bird Report, sand Martin being one of them. Your comment above gives me more to write about and makes for a better and more interesting report. Cheers, Dave.
    The Eagle was pretty amazing, great pic you got of it with snake.

  2. I don't normally unless its a rarity find or a good record of a certain species. However, I think some of my records used on this blog do get included in the SxBR as per the 2012 SxBR. So please feel free to take any records that are of interest to you. Cheers, Matt

  3. Hi Matt,

    We're looking for a photo of a Short-toed eagle for our Ashdown Forest Life magazine, and you seem to be the go-to person. Any chance we could use one of your excellent shots? Full credit given, of course!

    Steve Alton
    Conservation Officer
    Ashdown Forest