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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Cuckmere Haven 29/11/14

A lovely morning at long last so I made my last visit down the patch for a few weeks.

The main highlight was finding a smart first-winter Caspian Gull which originally was washing on the river near the exposed mud with a load of other Gulls. After a good ten minute clean, it took off and flew to the west side and landed. A look an hour later was hopeless as all the Gulls buggered off as soon as I got there. 

Others bits included:
Grey Plover - 1
Kingfisher - 2
Redpoll - 1 over

on initial inspection I thought this Gull was a 1st winter, but when I got home and zoomed into the pics, I noticed how advanced the mantle and scaps were. The tertials also didn't appear like I have seen on other first-winters I've seen, however it seems my initial impression was correct of this bird being a first-winter bird. Many thanks to those who helped out on this one. 

a superb looking bird. The gleaming white head stood out very well. The whole suit of characters are all noticeable on the above pics, as well as a nice ventral bulge. 

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