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Monday, 12 October 2015

The Burgh - Pallid Harrier 10/10/15

I sacrificed a morning on the patch to visit The Burgh with Paula in the hope the Pallid Harrier would show. We arrived above North Stoke at 10am and walked around and waited in different areas up until 1pm where we decided to give up  walk down to Burpham to have a pub lunch.....very nice it was to! As soon as we sat down the Pallid appeared and had reportedly landed in a field.
Me thinking it would soon fly off didn't happen, and after another hour it was still sat there just as we had finished our meals and Paula had downed her last bit of  wine (a bit of motivation given by me no doubt). So we set off on a brisk walk all the way back up to the dew pond and thankfully the bird was still present, but as soon as the scope had been set up the bird took flight, done a couple of flypasts and went off down the valley, not to be seen again. Very lucky!!

 juvenile Pallid Harrier at The Burgh. A tiny bit of deja-vu seeing the first county Pallid Harrier  back at this same spot in 2011. After not going for the Unst bird this autumn, it was nice to catch up with this bird, being the 2nd county record.
Grey Partridge at The Burgh

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  1. You did well! Might go for a fourth attempt this afternoon, although no reported sightings of it for a couple of days. Maybe everyone has lost the will!