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Monday, 21 January 2013

The Gambia - 17/1/13

My last day in The Gambia today. As I only had the morning to myself, I decided to hire a bike and get to Tujering Woods for first light for my last chance of seeing Vieillot's Barbet. Only being a 10 minute ride from the lodge, it was possible. I left Farakunko Lodge at midday for the airport, and arrived home just before 10pm.

Tujering Woods
-Vieillot's Barbet - 3
-Senegal Eromomela - 2
-Striped Kingfisher - 1
-Zitting Cisticola - 1
-Black-crowned Tchgara - 2

It turned out to be a very successful trip seeing 265 species of bird. I was not expecting this much as I was on my own, but just goes to show that The Gambia is an easy place to visit, and any good habitat holds the birds.

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