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Monday, 21 January 2013

The Gambia - 3/1/13

My trip to The Gambia was organised by Hidden Gambia who were brilliant. The accomdation used is perfect, the transport links are great and the staff are brill. I would certainly recommend Hidden Gambia if you wish to go in a small party. I was however mostly on my own except from up river and my 1st day as I mainly likely to explore and find birds on my own. The country is very safe even in the remote areas, and the birds are also pretty good.

I flew with Thomas Cook out of Gatwick, 6 hours later I was in Banjul. The driver was there ready to pick me up and I was on my way south.

My first 2 nights were at Footsteps Eco-Lodge near Gunjur on the coast. Good birding around there as well. I walked to the beach in the evening seeing a total of 55 birds in just 2 hours!!

Blackcap Babblers - 4
Brown Babblers - 10
Yellow-billed Oxpecker - 4
Red-bellied Paradise Flycatcher - 2
Black-billed Wood Dove - 4
Senegal Parrot - 10+
Royal Tern - 1
Fine-spotted Woodpecker - 1

Purple Glossy Starling
Cattle Egret
The beach nearby

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