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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Splash Point + S'ford Head 20/4/13

Despite all day on the patch, barely anything was recorded. I spent a total of 10 hours looking out at sea and saw very little, but was finally rewarded with a Pom later on in the day with a couple of other observers. Seaford Head was quiet with neither of yesterdays delights about.

Splash Point: 05.30-06.30 then 09.30-18.00

Pomarine Skua - 1
Arctic Skua - 1
Great Skua - 2
Shag - 2
Arctic Tern - 2

Other species were seen but not recorded, mainly due to lack of enthusiasm.

Seaford Head:

Redstart - 1 fem
Whitethroat - 12
Chiffchaff - 4

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