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Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Big Migration Begins 6/4/13

Whilst dipping the Cuckmere Spoonbill this evening (even though I was there half hour after the original sighting), I was witnessing the big Brent Geese migration.

Sitting at the mouth of the Cuckmere, I watched literally thousands of Geese moving east as the south-easterly wind blew. The biggest flock was probably around 700.

As the evening went on and light began to fade, I walked back to the Galleon and looking back, there were again huge flocks really high up moving east. Even when I was filling up at the petrol garage in Seaford, I could see distant flocks high up. In an hour, I saw around 3,000 Geese.

Although I will miss the true spectacle tomorrow morning, I'm glad I have seen the start of it all.

It wasn't just the Geese, Med Gulls were moving as well as many Common Scoter and I also heard a Whimbrel.

It was nice to finally see a mass of birds migrating.


  1. it wasn't quite as spectacular this morning as it turns out, a few hundred Brents in 2 1/2 hours- I think you probably got the peak of the exodus last night.

    1. Phew, I must admit I did wonder as it was a clear night, stacks must have gone through the night. Thanks for the update Liam.