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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Uganda - Day 13 29/6/16

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest - Buhumo Section
After a freezing nights sleep in our tent, we were up early and had breakfast in time for a full days birding as it was just getting light. We met the local guide and off we went along the Buhumo Trail and other various trails that produced a great selection of birds. At times it was quiet, but with forest birding, activity often comes in waves, and in one very short section we had African Broadbill, White-bellied Robin-Chat, Black Bee-Eater and Mountain Illadopsis, the latter liked the look of my shoes as it very nearly hopped onto them. The big dip for me today was a brief Jameson's Antpecker when I was looking elsewhere. An event of the day were three students who worked for the park tried to confiscate our binoculars as we weren't on a Gorilla trek or that's what I got from the whole thing. Basically we all laughed at them and carried on. All day we had two armed guards behind us, not sure for our safety or for the safety of the Gorillas. All day was spent out and we arrived at the tent just as the sun was going down. An excellent day

African Green Pigeon
Black-billed Turaco - 2
Scarce Swift - 1
Bar-tailed Trogon - 5
Black Bee-Eater - 3
White-headed Wood Hoopoe
Yellow-spotted Barbet - 2
Tullberg's Woodpecker - 1
Cardinal Woodpecker
Elliot's Woodpecker - 3
African Broadbill - 1 displaying!! Stunning bird!!
Black Saw-wing
Shelley's Greenbul
Ansorge's Greenbul - 2
Honeyguide Greenbul
Cabanis's Greenbul
Toro Olive Greenbul
Banded Prinia - 3
Black-throated Apalis - 4
Grey Apalis - 15
White-browed Crombec
Equatorial Akalat - 2
White-bellied Robin-Chat - 1
Red-capped Robin-Chat - 1
Mountain Illadopsis - 2
Dusky Tit
Blue-throated Brown Sunbird
Stuhlmann's Starling - 1
Slender-billed Starling
Brown-capped Weaver
White-breasted Negrofinch

 Equatorial Akalat
 Yellow-spotted Barbet
 African Broadbill - amazing to watch it display
 Black Bee-Eater
 White-bellied Robin-Chat
 Ansorge's Greenbul - this species has only recently been described in Uganda. The other East African location for this Greenbul is in SW Kenya. The broken eye-ring as well as the call helped confirm the id.
 Yellow-backed Duiker - this extremely shy and rare Duiker showed for a few minutes along the main trail. Our local guide for the day who walks this path as he says twice a week, last saw this species over two years ago!!
 Bar-tailed Trogon
Black-billed Turaco

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