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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Uganda - Day 9 25/6/16

Semliki Forest
We were very much looking forward to today as it offered a whole host of rare birds only found in this extensive forest. However in reality, the forest was frustratingly quiet with little on offer throughout the day. There were a few surprises though. I found an Eastern Bearded Greenbul that seems to be around the 8th record for Uganda. Great to find a rarity, just a shame it was a Greenbul!! My hoped for Rufous-sided Broadbill didn't materialise, but by the end of the day a respectable tally of species were seen with a small group of Red-billed Dwarf Hornbills at the last knockings proving to be the highlight. Some of the various trails were practically under water and a few delicate manoeuvres were needed. By the time we had walked miles through the forest, we were exhausted back at the vehicle, and then some locals started to turn against us by hailing abuse, though thankfully the local guide shut them up. Turned out they weren't quite the full  ticket. Our biggest dip of the day were the White-crested Hornbills, but thankfully we were now given another chance early in the morning. 

Tambourine Dove
Black-billed Turaco
Yellowbill - 1
African Dwarf Kingfisher - 1
Blue-throated Roller - 2
Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill - 3
Black-wattled Casqued Hornbill - 4
Yellow-whiskered Greenbul - 1
Leaf-love - 1
Xavier's Greenbul 
Yellow-throated Nicator - 1
Red-tailed Greenbul
EASTERN BEARDED GREENBUL - 1 8th(?) record for Uganda
Fire-crested Alethe - 1
Green Crombec
Forest Robin
Jameson's Wattle-Eye - 1
Blue-headed Crested Flycatcher - 2
Crested Malimbe
Orange-cheeked Waxbill - only recently described in Uganda though no doubt overlooked in large finch flocks.

Blue-throated Roller - though not visible in the photo, at some angle the blue throat as very obvious
 one of the trails not underwater
 a very quiet Semliki Forest
the home of the looney people hurling abuse

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