Lesser Florican - August 2023

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Monday 26 September 2022

Common Nighthawk!!!

There are few advantages with my current address in north Hampshire, however, when a Common Nighthawk gets found only a 75-minute drive away, it can have its ups. This bonkers record, which rallies the Sussex Northern Mockingbird in terms of lucky finding, was most unexpected and a welcome UK tick after the Sussex howler a few years ago.

Common Nighthawk

Sunday 11 September 2022

Beachy Head & Tide Mills - 11 September 2022

A long trek down to Birling Gap this morning in the hope of finding that mid-September scarcity unfortunately drew a blank. However, I met up with Simon, Laurence and Josh and together we enjoyed a decent raptor watch, with four Honey-buzzards seen (two adults and two juveniles), two Marsh Harriers, a Hobby and plenty of commoner birds-of-prey. The HBs were top class and worth the effort entirely, with brilliant views of a juvenile and a striking adult male, whilst another two remained rather distant. 

After visiting Dad, I thought I'd give Tide Mills a quick look as Josh had found a Wryneck there this morning, and being relatively past their 'best' time of year, it was worth a try in case no others get found next weekend. Despite low expectations, I succeeded, and the bird was particularly showy, yet, preferred to stay at a distance. 

juvenile Honey-buzzard

Wryneck at Tide Mills