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Thursday 28 September 2023

St. Govan's Head... Part 2 Saturday 23rd September

On Saturday morning, I had just completed Alice Holt Park Run. Having got back to my car and looking at my phone, I couldn't believe that I had to drive back to the same location as a few days previous. This time for an even more spectacular American wood-warbler... a Canada Warbler! I soon left and arrived in the mid-afternoon to a huge crowd of twitchers, gusty winds and not much hope of a sighting. 

After an hour, I still hadn't seen the bird, so I stuck to one spot, halfway up a tree, which allowed me to view slightly deeper into the vegetation. This worked a treat and I soon had some brief views of the uniform slaty-grey upperparts and bright yellow underparts of the Canada Warbler. I had a further two views which was shamefully good enough for me as I had to drive back as I had a half marathon the next morning. Still, a mega exciting twitch/bird and hopefully I don't have to return to SW Wales anytime soon. 

Most of this week, I've been back down in Sussex but I've not seen a great deal. Two Ospreys at Arlington and the four Cattle Egrets in the Cuckmere on Tuesday, plus heaps of common migrants at Seaford Head on Wednesday. Off to Shetland Friday for some hopeful yank action, but we'll see. 

For those interested:

Alice Holt Park Run 5K: 17mins 57secs 1st place
Barns Green Half Marathon: 1hr 19mins 27secs 7th Place

Osprey at Arlington

Thursday 21 September 2023

St. Govan's Head, Pembrokeshire - Magnolia Warbler

There is something about American wood-warblers...! Wednesday evening's news of a Magnolia Warbler on mainland UK and less than four hours from my house was wholly unexpected. With limited annual leave, I couldn't waste a day if I was to dip, so I waited on news, which came before it got light it seems, and off I went to SW Wales. 

The journey was fine, other than the fact the mega alert was going off every five minutes, with all the megas being in the direction I was heading, albeit on outer islands which were sadly inaccessible today (and tomorrow). Therefore, it was straight to the Magnolia and soon after arriving I laid eyes on this transatlantic beauty. The local Choughs were also good value, especially when I was sat on the cliff edge having lunch and they flocked past me very close on several occasions. A nice day out on the Pembrokeshire coastline.

Magnolia Warbler