Lesser Florican - August 2023

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Thursday 13 June 2024

Pulborough Brooks RSPB - 11 June 2024

On Tuesday morning a video was sent out onto the Sussex Rare Bird WhatsApp group where for the life of me could not hear a Savi's Warbler. I went home at lunch and had another listen, this time just about picking up the distinctive 'reeling' noise. So, on my way down to Dad's I nipped in and went down to Nettley's. After only ten minutes, I could pick out the Savi's reeling away but far to the south, probably off Little Hangar. I whacked the news out and walked around, where a few others joined me. 

It was a near-impossible task from our current position, so we nipped down to the same level, at least this time clearly hearing the bird but still not able to get a sighting. Thankfully, the warbler was clearly working its way towards us and standing in a public area close to the riverbank, the Savi's Warbler propped itself atop a reed stem and sang away clearly in perfect view. Having seen two in Sussex before, this by far the best view I had obtained anywhere, so I was delighted and mightily glad I dropped in to take a look.

Also out on the North Brooks was a smart Whinchat, Little Ringed Plover, Hobby and the expected stuff.

Other recent bits have included the Bridled Tern at Coquet Island (seen only distantly from mainland) and of course the mighty Cirl Bunting at Mile Oak.

Savi's Warbler at Pulborough Brooks, clearly
showing the paler outer primary edging here