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Sunday 27 November 2022

Penduline Tits at West Rise Marsh: 27th November 2022

After a busy weekend last week and with no sightings in the interim, I was surprised to wake-up on Saturday morning to a load of messages stating the Penduline Tits had been sighted at West Rise again. Actually, not entirely surprising giving their nature and I was relieved to be able to twitch these birds on the Sunday.

A horrific weather forecast didn't dissuade me, and I arrived at first light having driven down from Alton, and Ian also joined me in my quest. From the pagoda, I soon became fidgety and walked the edge of the reeds towards the main lake and played the call. Two birds instantly replied but I only got a brief flight view of one. Therefore, we went back to the pagoda and waited. 

Soon enough, an incoming individual was heard and appeared at some height before descending into the reeds. A short while later, two birds arrived and showed well through the scope as they hung on the phragmites. Absolute result and such a relief. 

In Sussex terms, these are the first twitchable Penduline Tits. The last record which didn't involve the bird(s) being trapped and ringed were three birds at Coombe Haven in 2004 which were only seen by a few and only remained for an afternoon. 

Afterwards, an enjoyable time at Splash Point was had watching a few Little Gulls