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Thursday 29 December 2022

Waxwings in Northumberland - 29 December 2022

It's been a shade under five years since I saw my last Waxwing in the UK (the flock of 33 at East Grinstead), so there was little hesitation in twitching the three birds currently munching on apples in Brunswick, Northumberland. As I'm currently staying in Bishop Middleham (Co. Durham), this thankfully kept the journey time to a mere 45-minutes.

The trio performed like all Waxwings perform, and were enjoyed for a period of time before having to start work. Such awesome birds and it was great to be in such close company with them once again. 

Waxwings at Brunswick

Sunday 11 December 2022


With yesterday's news of a Walrus in Pagham Harbour, I this morning decided to position myself within twitching distance of Pagham just in case there was a repeat performance. It was then sod's law, that, whilst at a birdless Iping Common, news came through that Thor the Walrus was hauled out at Calshot Castle. 

I left immediately and made a swift journey down (passing the bush where I saw the Spanish Sparrow at Calshot back in 2012) and was soon watching the enormous brute as it lay content on the shingle in the light rain. 

Such a moment, especially after not bothering with the Tenby individual last year! 

Walrus at Calshot