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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Crane again 17/2/10

Finished work early today, and as the weather was nice i decided to go and have another look for the Crane between Southease and Piddinghoe. It had been seen earlier in the day so my hopes were high for another sighting of this superb bird.
Arriving at the site where i saw it on Saturday i soon relocated the Common Crane, but this time in a field much closer to the river bank. The light was good with very little wind so there would be a good chance of a more clearer picture.

The Crane showed very well, almost filling the view through the scope. Attached is the best photo i could get, which is slightly better than the one i had taken on Saturday.

I stayed for about half an hour. Driving away from Southease bridge i noticed a very large bird flying towards me so i quickly brought the car to a halt and watched the Crane fly right over me heading towards Rodmell. Awesome bird!