Rondonia Bushbird, Brazil - June 2022

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Old Lodge, Ashdown 10/7/10

Late morning and early afternoon on Old Lodge produced some great Dragonflies species. The main highlights for me were 5 Keeled Skimmers (3M+2Fem), 1 Golden-ringed Dragonfly and 5 Small Red Damselflies. Other Dragons of note were 8 Emperors, 2 Four Spotted Chasers, 5 Broad Bodied Chasers, 1 Southern Hawker which had just emerged, 27 Azure Damselflies, 12 Large Red Damselflies, 1 Banded Damoiselle and a Dark Green Fritillary.

Also a Nightjar was heard churring briefly which was quite unusual.

Female Keeled Skimmer in flight

Southern Dragonfly
Small Red Damselfly

Golden Ringed Dragonfly

Keeled Skimmers