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Sunday 30 October 2011

Horse Eye Levels & Beachy 30/10/11

An early text from Chris Ball informing me the Glossy Ibis was still present at Horse Eye got me out of my slight hangover and i headed over to meet him.

Meeting up half-way along the track, a large, calling (sparrow-like) Pipit flew over. I immediately called out Tawny Pipit. We both watched it for a further 10-15 seconds before it landed in a sheep field south of the track. It was about 2 times larger than an accompanying Meadow Pipit, pale underparts, long tail and long bodied. I was convinced it was a Tawny, but Chris was doubtful about the call. We failed to relocate the Pipit, and doubt was still in the air, until a couple of hours later when past sound recordings of Tawny Pipit were listened to, and this confirmed that this bird was indeed a TAWNY PIPIT. A Sussex tick for me!!!

The GLOSSY IBIS also performed well eventually, and was last seen being mobbed by a Peregrine, though it landed safely and is still showing this afternoon. Also a Swallow flew over.

I visited Belle Tout Wood after and saw a couple of Firecrests, a very late Willow Warbler, Wheatear and a couple of Blackcaps.

News broke of an Eastern Crowned Warbler in Hertfordshire. I had only got to Lewes when news that the reservoir was permit only, and a key is needed to access. BUGGER!!!