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Saturday 31 December 2011

Year totals and review 31/12/11

Sussex Year List - 227 - somewhat gave up around June time, not realising what the autumn was going to bring, and potentially missed out on a record breaking year.

British Year List - 258 - a lot lower than recent years, but other commitments meant less time for long distance twitching.

Best twitch of 2011 - probably the White-winged Scoter off the Aberdeenshire Coast. A great trip with Jake, getting all Scottish specialalities during the 3 day trip on top off the Scoter.

Best UK bird of 2011 - Wilson's Petrel from the Scilly pelagics in August, just in front of the amazing Great Shearwaters.

Best world bird of 2011 - male Drakensberg Rock-Jumper in Lesotho.