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Monday, 4 June 2012

Hardcore Birding 4/6/12

After work I made my way down to Church Norton in hope of seeing the Purple Heron.

On arrival it hadn't been seen for a couple of hours, and after another hour or so myself and Ads Bowley got bored and decided to head round the otherside of the Severals and climb some trees, offering a better view into the reedbed. We picked out some rather nice Oak trees to climb but unfortunately the first climb did not succeed, and rather ended in me hanging on a branch and falling into a leafy bog up to my knees.

However the next tree proved better, though a fall this time would end up in me having to swim back to dry land. We both climbed this time, and whilst in a confortable position scanning above the reedbed, it was very noticeable that the birders on the shingle were looking at something with interest, and after looking through countless leaves and branches, we got onto the 1st summer PURPLE HERON as it flew around. Good views were had until it climbed a good height and ventured out to sea, and then east.

Half hour then past in trying to get out of the tree, and Adam succeeded brilliantly by throwing himself out of it onto the crops below, whilst I carefully twisted down with style. One of the funniest twitches and a good start to my 'viewing rare birds from tree' list.

Anyway, there was enough light to stop off at Cissbury on our return, and myself, Mick, Ads and Dawn set off and eventually heard a Quail. Remarkably, it then flew towards us and landed very closeby, and we watched it as it hunkered down in the short grass about 20 metres in front of us. A great encounter.

Quail at Cissbury Ring