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Thursday 25 July 2013

Norfolk 25/7/13

Went to Norfolk with Jake today and finally caught up with the Crossbills. We had enough after an hour due to the muppets that surrounded us. Some claiming the Two-barred Crossbill when it was actually a juv. Siskin, people who had no idea what a Two-barred Crossbill looked like (a tiny clue in the name) and a guy who was literally running on a Duracell battery.

However our departure luckily coincided with the planes taking off from RAF Lakenheath. We joined the fellow plane spotters and enjoyed the spectacle, and the noise.

Lynford Arboretum

Common Crossbill - 5
Hobby - 1
Siskin - 20

 Two-barred Crossbill - rear end views showed the
extensive white tips to the tertials.