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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Seaford Head & Beachy Head 28/10/14

I started today on Seaford Head where I was greeted to an amazing display of Woodpigeons migrating. They were moving in their hundreds and thousands straight out to sea. The movement only lasted 45 minutes so little doubt that the majority of birds had roosted in Friston Forest, and further proof as small numbers of Pigeons were seen at Beachy.

Other totals are:

Woodpigeon - ca. 8000 South
Ring Ouzel - 1
Stock Dove - 47
Wheatear - 1
Reed Bunting - 3 
Brambling - 5
Chiffchaff - 2
Blackcap - 2
Goldcrest - 8
Swallow - 1

Afterwards another trip to the Old Trapping Area produced the ever obliging Red-breasted Flycatcher, but the highlight was a very brief Little Bunting. It very frustratingly flew off west calling, and although it appeared to land, we could not re-find it. Due to the brief sighting, no photos were taken.

Little Bunting - Beachy
Whilst watching/waiting for the R-b Fly at the Old Trapping Area a number of birders were on the south side of the bushes, and I was the only person on the north side. I heard a high-pitched 'tic' and I just assumed it was one of the vocal Robins. I heard nothing else for maybe a minute or so, but as I looked into the open section I noticed a smallish bird low down in a hawthorn. Looking through the bins it was obviously a Little Bunting (having seen quite a few in the past, all of which had shown well, unlike this one!!) due to the chestnut cheeks, black flecking on the upper breast and pale breast/belly. It was facing me so I failed to see the black border to the ear coverts etc, but whilst reaching for the camera the bird took off, fortunately calling as it went west. Even in flight the chestnut cheeks were seen.  I lost it behind the bushes, however it did look like it was going to land, though there was no further sign. A couple of people on the south side did hear the bird call but no one else saw it. All very annoying, but I wonder how long it had been there before I found it. Just a shame as its a great record, but I can't do much with the record really. 

 R-b Fly - showing better today
 Ring Ouzel in Hope Gap
 probably my last Wheatear of the year
Sunrise on Seaford Head