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Friday 6 February 2015

Mammal List - South Africa

The list below indicates the species I saw during the 25 days. An impressive 41 species seen, and noteworthy species are highlighted. 

Savanna Baboon
Vervet Monkey
Southern Lesser Bushbaby
Cape Hare
Scrub Hare
Tree Squirrel
Woodland Dormouse - youngsters found inside our beds at Makalali
Brant's Whistling Rat - two pale-morph just east of Pofadder
Bat-eared Fox - a real highlight. Pairs seen near Brandvlei and Koa Dunes. 
Black-backed Jackal
Slender Mongoose
Yellow Mongoose
Small Grey Mongoose - one at Augrabies
Meerkat - family seen at Port Nolloth
African Civet - spotlighted at Makalali
Spotted Hyena
Cheetah - only a brief encounter
Lion - three known prides seen
Leopard - one showed superbly in a tree
African Elephant
Rock Dassie
Cape Mountain Zebra - three at Table Mountain NP
Plains Zebra
White Rhino
African Buffalo
Greater Kudu
Blue Wildebeast
Springbok - common at Akkrendum
Klipspringer - one at Sir Lowry's Pass
Sharpe's Grysbok
Common Duiker
Red Hartebeast - two at Table Mountain NP

As well as the above, other highlights came in the form of two Chameleons and obviously the Great White Sharks, which again I had the pleasure of getting up close and personal to.

 Bat-eared Fox.......awesome