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Thursday 9 February 2017

Lower Cuckmere 9/2/17

Having been very frustrated by the presence of a Twite on Sunday afternoon and dipping that evening, then again trying on Tuesday for a few hours without success and having to work all day yesterday I thought my chances of re-finding the bird were poor. However, this morning I was going to give it one last chance as the exact co-ordinates had been released by the original finder. Arriving at the spot along the west river bank I started to walk the patch of short vegetation when I suddenly noticed just in front of me on a small twig the Twite. I was amazed it was still here and also showing so well. I quickly took some photos and climbed back onto the river bank as not too disturb it and released the news. A fantastic bird and a long overdue Sussex tick.

Also of interest, the juvenile Glaucous Gull found on the 12th January and not seen subsequently made a re-appearance when it was found chilling out by the meanders.

Including these, the highlights from this morning were:

Twite - 1
White-fronted Geese - 22 (flock of 21 plus 1 with Canadas)
Cackling Geese - 4
Glaucous Gull - 1 juv
Water Rail - 2

 2002 was the last documented record of a Twite in the Cuckmere when a pair were seen in early October.
 Twite - a Sussex tick on the patch was very welcome. After being away for the 2005 Peacehaven bird and 2010 Selsey birds, I thought my luck may have run out, so mightily pleased to see this.
 White-fronted Geese
the returning juvenile Glaucous Gull. The pale area on the mantle instantly recognisable

Whilst searching for the Twite on Tuesday, there were 2 Gadwall on the meanders, and 44 Golden Plover flew over.

 two Gadwall on the meanders - a good record here
Golden Plover over the Cuckmere - twice in two weeks now a large flock of Golden Plover have flown over. With few known roosting sites nearby I wonder where they had come from or going to.