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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Lower Cuckmere Caspos 7th & 11th December

Two visits in five days in grim conditions but seemingly productive conditions produced a total of five Caspian Gulls (three on the 7th and two on the 11th) and two Yellow-legged Gulls. As per usual my phone-scoping photography isn't ideal. Dungeness are getting decent numbers currently so no doubt more will turn up the in the coming weeks.

The 7th December produced a second-winter and third-winter that are shown below, and an adult.

a very smart third-winter Caspian Gull taken in the pooring rain

second-winter Caspian Gull taken in the same conditions.
This was the only photo I managed of this very long-winged individual. 

The 11th produced two third-winters as pictured below, at times standing next to each other.

a lovely pose but quality is poor, yet looking lovely through the scope.
This bird was extremely long-legged and had some obvious streaking on the nape.

both birds together, sort of......the bird on the right pictured above and below.

a lucky shot showing the black in the receding tail band, large white mirror on P10,
solid black subterminal band on P5, long grey tongues reaching into the black primaries
but not as much as the adults. 
(two third-winter Caspian Gulls)