Rondonia Bushbird, Brazil - June 2022

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Thursday, 16 March 2023

Recent Stuff and Western Pacific Odyssey

There hasn't been too much recent birding due to being mega busy on the build-up to several talks and my mammoth trip (starting this afternoon) to the Western Pacific. However, on Saturday, I took a few colleagues to a Goshawk location in NW Sussex, where we saw no fewer than seven individuals... it was crazy!

Previous visits had also seen a few Goshawks, as well as some Woodlarks, a Dartford Warbler, a Crossbill and a few other bits. 

A short visit to West Dean Woods in early March also produced a memorable encounter of three Goshawks in full display mode at rather close quarters, so it's fair to say it's been a Goshawk kind of winter.

Anyway, off to New Zealand now, with hopefully many photos to come from after my trip. 


Goshawks by Simon Dicks