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Wednesday 10 March 2010

Henfield and The Burgh 10/3/10

Had another good day out today in West Sussex. The birds were great, the weather was great.

First stop was Henfield Levels to try and find the reported Bewick's Swans, but unfortunately i couldn't find them. Not much else of note was seen apart from 2 Bullfinches and a drk Gadwall.

Next stop was an undisclosed wood to try and get another Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Arriving at the location a female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker soon showed itself giving satisfactory views. It was seen well several times in a tree next to me, but was always on the move.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Next stop was The Burgh, but i was brought to a halt on the minor road between Amberley Station and North Stoke when i noticed a figure in a ditch. It was a Bittern and it showed very well, often standing right out in the open with it's neck fully extended.

Bittern between Amberley and North Stoke
Up on The Burgh the wind kept any bird activity to a minimum but still 5 Grey Partidges, ca 20 Corn Buntings and 5 Red-Legged Partridges were seen.
I went back to the undisclosed wood after The Burgh and soon re-located the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in the same place, but it was always seen at a distance. Great day!!