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Monday 16 July 2018

Butterflies in Bulgaria: Various species - July 2018

A next series of photos displaying a decent range and variety that one can see in Bulgaria. Again most of these were found at mid-elevations in either meadows or along tracks surrounded by mixed woodlands. Proof of a late emergence year in Bulgaria was emphasised by Arran Browns only just starting their emergence towards the end of the trip, a species that should've been frequent throughout.

There are still some Grayling and Skipper species that are causing issues with identification, and will no doubt stay that way for some time.

Better photos can also be found on my Dad's blog: bobsbutterflies.blogspot.com

Lattice Brown -
only one found, this on our last afternoon. 
Large Wall Brown -
frequently encountered in various meadows.
Great Banded Grayling -
many thanks to Alex Perry for correcting my
initial i.d. Rather frustrating as I had seen this
commonly in France back in 2009.
Bright-eyed Ringlet - 
a small colony found at roughly 2300m.
Scarce Swallowtail -
surprisingly scarce unfortunately.
Southern White Admiral -
only a couple found in deciduous woodlands
low down
Purple Emperor -
found just down the track from the Admiral.
Black-veined White -
very impressive in flight.
Arran Brown -
emergence had started towards the end
of the trip, hence only a few seen.