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Monday 31 December 2018

Review of 2018

Another productive year with many highlights, mostly from the foreign trips, however closer to home was still reasonable. Below is a short list of my wildlife highlights of 2018.

Being stupidly close to a male Siberian
Rubythroat and how it hopped past me and Ian
when neither of us had cameras was a very comical moment.

Eared Pitta in Thailand.
Any Pitta is worthy, but the circumstances
of finding this Pitta were too good.
White-faced Storm-Petrel off Madeira.
This delightful chap bouncing over a clear blue
ocean warrants another mention.
Zino's Petrel off Madeira.
An incredible trio of pelagics seeing my
most wanted pelagic species in the Atlantic.

Balkan Copper in Bulgaria.
A great trip with Dad, and for me this
Copper was my favourite Butterfly for the year.

Pel's Fish Owl in Botswana.

Young male Lion in Namibia.
On my own with three young male Lions as the 
sun rose in Etosha NP was class.

King Cobra in Thailand
Semipalmated Sandpiper at Cuckmere Haven.
No doubt my find of the year, and decade 
more than likely.

A Fea's Petrel was my seawatching highlight. A 
long awaited bird to see from a Cornish headland.
2nd May was Arctic Tern day at Splash Point with
over 3000 passing within a few hours. Flocks flew 
over our position and were heard calling as they continued