Rondonia Bushbird, Brazil - June 2022

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Friday, 12 June 2020

Red-footed Falcon - 12/6/20

After satisfactory views yesterday morning, I felt compelled not to return to Beeding Hill. However, the photos were getting better and better from many others, and with rain forecast today, I decided to take this opportunity and make a return visit, hoping very few people would be up there.

Upon arrival, only Lee Evans and another chap was present... and so was the falcon! Initially sat in a bush taking cover from the rain, it took flight and over the course of the next hour, the Red-footed Falcon showed brilliantly; hovering just metres in front of me, it was difficult to not press down on the shutter, and 1500 photos later, I left for home.

Red-footed Falcon at
Beeding Hill