Lammergeier at Beachy Head - October 2020

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Sunday, 21 February 2021

Bob Izzard RIP

Today, I found out the saddening news that local birder, and overall good friend, Bob Izzard, sadly passed away a couple of days ago.

Bob could often be encountered down Cuckmere Haven where he spent countless hours watching and photographing the birds. It was during many of these sessions that Bob would find the odd good bird too. Two that spring to mind straight away are the following: Sabine's Gull at Cuckmere and the very popular Corncrake at Beachy Head. The latter was enjoyed by many during the course of its three-day stay.

Overall though, Bob was a true gent and always had a smile on his face and was generally a joy to be around with. In recent years I sadly didn't see Bob too often due to his illness, but every Spring, he would often tap me on the shoulder as I sat down Splash Point and we'd have a nice chat.

Condolences to Bob's family, and lastly to say, Bob will certainly be missed by all the local birders who were fortunate to know him.

Bob Izzard

Corncrake - April 2013

Sabine's Gull - September 2011