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Saturday, 8 January 2011

1st winter CASPIAN GULL - Cuckmere Haven 8/1/11

Received a phonecall from Dave Cooper today to inform me he had found a 1st winter CASPIAN GULL in the Cuckmere. I rushed down there and to my relief it was still there. Good views were obtained for about 45 minutes. A very novice description with photos underneath.

This pictures shows the black, slender bill; long sloping forehead; long lores and black eye. Slight streaking on the nape and a bulging chest. The long black primaries also are easily visible at this angle. Also the brown coverts and dark centred tertials with white tips are noticable.
This pic emphasises the very long primary projection; white tips to the tertials and an all white head. The primary projection shows the length of the tail tip to the primary tip is greater than the tertial tip to the tail tip.

The white rump with a strong black band on the tail is clearly seen here. The pink legs are just visible, which when clearly seen were very thin and long.

In flight the double wingbar; pale underwing; all white head; long winged appearance and black band on the tail are all very noticable.
This Caspian Gull was a Sussex and Patch tick for me, and a fine addition onto my Sussex Yearlist which stands at 123.